Cargo Load Planner

Cargo Load Planner provides best possible way of filling container/pallet with given product/packages to optimize space inside container. Optimal way to position the goods leads to Cost saving while shipping. You simply need to provide package Length, Width, Height, Weight & Number of Packages, after that select container/pallet and get your 3D interactive view of container/pallet load plan with steps.

Optimize Space, Maximize Profits

3D View

Load calculator result have interactive 3D view with camera control, visibility of Products inside any load. User can hide/unhide products while seeing calculator result. Also, there is step by step filling animation to view of how to place packages.

Tilt Options

Option to tilt Package/Carton in desired dimension. You can control how package/cartons can be tilted, means you can suggest Container Loading Calculator on which side package/carton should or should not be tilted during placement.

Multiple Options of Filling

Cargo Load Planner provides all possible combinations of filling package/cartons inside container/pallet. According to the weight and volume usage it marks one of the combination as “Best”. You can view and check the other combinations for more details about filling.

Multiple Container/Pallet Filling

In case you need to fill products/package that need more than one container/pallet. Cargo Load Planner provides option for filling and display multiple containers/pallets. While calculating load you can mark “Fill multiple containers” if needed.

FCL - Product in equal quantity

Do you want to know how much quantities of multiple / single product(s)/package will fill inside any shipping container? This program helps user to get same quantities of product/package inside any shipping container. Equal Quantity Products in Container

Multiple UOM

User can define products/packages dimensions in different unit of measurement in single calculation. It has unit of measurements like mm, cm, meter, inch & yard and for weight kg and lb.

Weight Check

It takes care of product/package’s weight while doing container load plan. User can view percentage filled by weight inside selected container. User can also view occupied weight percentage by any product.

Custom Containers & Pallets

User can create custom containers or pallets to use load plan calculator. User can define Length, Width, Height, Volume & Weight according to their need. And there is standard container/pallet list is also available to use.


Available online, extremely easy to use, quickly suggests that a load fits the space inside any container. No need of download it runs online on web-browser.


Sending a container load plan to the person responsible for loading will help speed up the process and minimize the risk of errors. Any calculation is available to share via link.