About Cargo Load Planner

The team behind Cargo Load Planner is the same team that develops CBM Calculator.

CBM Calculator serves as a versatile utility for calculating the weight and volume of shipments.It also provides the option to compute volume in both Cubic Meters and Cubic Feet for multiple products. For those interested in utilizing CBM Calculator, the link to access this tool is https://www.cbmcalculator.com

In 2022, we introduced a groundbreaking feature to CBM Calculator, a significant enhancement that addressed the evolving needs of our users. This particular feature garnered such positive reception and demand that, in 2024, we decided to take a major step forward. Recognizing its distinct value and utility, we launched it as a separate, dedicated tool, offering an enhanced and specialized solution for our users.

This decision to create a standalone tool reflects our commitment to providing targeted and efficient solutions, adapting to the dynamic requirements of our user base. By transforming the once-added feature into a dedicated tool, we aim to streamline and optimize the user experience, offering a more focused and comprehensive solution tailored to specific needs. This strategic evolution is a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation and user satisfaction.

"We dedicate our full efforts to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and happiness."