Cargo Load Planner

Optimize your shipping costs with our Cargo Load Planner, meticulously designed to efficiently fill containers. Input package dimensions, weight, and quantity, select your container type, and receive a 3D interactive view of the optimal container load plan. Use the Cargo Load Planner for a quick calculation without creating a Product or Container/Pallet Master.

For those seeking advanced features and comprehensive management of products, containers, and pallets, our "Container Shipment Planner" is the ideal solution. Leverage our Product and Container/Pallet Master functionality for enhanced control and customization. With this program, create your master data once, and it will be readily available for future calculations. Additionally, manage your shipments with ease – view, modify, or delete the list of shipments. Explore Container Shipment Planner for additional options available with our advanced features.

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Allowed Dimension UOM : cm/mm/meter/inch/feet/yard Allowed Weight UOM : gm/kg/lb
Product Details
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Container / Pallet Loading Plan
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Loading Steps
Loading Steps
Container Details
Standard 20 Feet
590 x 235 x 230 cm
33.2 m3
21770 kg
Filled Volume
16% (12 m3)
Filled Weight
10% (1200 kg)
Product Details