How much equal quantity will require for FCL?

Do you want to know how much quantities of multiple / single product(s)/package will fill inside any shipping container?

This program helps user to get same quantities of product/package inside any shipping container.
For example in case you want to ship Table and Chairs (As a set but have different packages) inside any shipping container and you want to avoid odd pair to be shipped please use this program it will calculate for you the exact same number of packages for shipment.

Lets start by adding products :

Download Product Template (xlsx) Watch how it works?
Allowed Dimension UOM : cm/mm/meter/inch/feet/yard Allowed Weight UOM : gm/kg/lb
Product Details
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Container Details
Container Loading Plan
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Loading Steps
Loading Steps
Container Details
Standard 20 Feet
590 x 235 x 230 cm
33.2 m3
21770 kg
Filled Volume
16% (12 m3)
Filled Weight
10% (1200 kg)
Product Details