Create Shipment

Shipment Header Details:

In our Container Shipment Planner, users can effortlessly set up shipment header details, including a unique Reference Number, Date, Customer Name, and any Additional Notes they deem necessary. Tracking the progress of shipments becomes intuitive with assignable stages such as "In Progress" or "Completed."

Product Details:

Once the shipment headers are defined, users can delve into specifying product details. Whether manually inputting information or expediting the process by uploading product data via Excel, our platform ensures a flexible and tailored approach. Key product attributes such as Product Name, Dimensions (Length, Breadth, Height), Weight, Tilt to Length, Tilt to Width, and indicators for Heaviness and Stackability are easily captured.

Container/Pallet Selection:

With the product details in place, users seamlessly progress to the selection of containers or pallets. This step is pivotal in optimizing the loading process for each shipment. Users can make informed decisions to maximize space efficiency, contributing to a cost-effective and streamlined shipping operation.

3D Load Plan Generation:

The culmination of these efforts is the automatic generation of a 3D container load plan tailored to the specific shipment. This visual representation provides a comprehensive view of how products fit within the selected containers or pallets. Optimizing space utilization, the 3D load plan ensures efficient packing and minimizes wastage.

Archiving and Sharing:

All shipment details, including headers, product information, and the 3D load plan, are saved for future reference. Users can conveniently view and edit past shipments as needed. Furthermore, the 3D load plan is easily shareable, fostering collaboration and communication among team members, suppliers, or clients.

Elevate your shipment planning experience with our Container Shipment Planner - a seamless and comprehensive solution from defining shipments to generating efficient 3D load plans.