Shipment Product Information

L : Tilt To Length,  W : Tilt To Width,  H : Heavy,  S : Stackable

In the realm of our Container Shipment Planner, we've incorporated a Product Information feature that simplifies and expedites the process of creating new shipment plans. This functionality encompasses essential details such as the product's name, dimensions (length, breadth, height), weight, tilt to length, tilt to width, as well as indicators for heaviness and stackability.

These critical product attributes can be pre-defined, ensuring that users can swiftly access them while generating new shipment plans. With this streamlined approach, users only need to input the quantity of each product, significantly reducing the time and effort required to compile comprehensive shipment plans. Our Container Shipment Planner empowers users with efficiency and precision in managing their product information for a seamless container load planning experience.